• Featured Aqueduct Global Flood Risk Maps

    For the current scenario, we used hydrological data from 1960 through 1999 for generating flood inundations for 9 return periods, from 2-year flood to 1000-year flood, and 2010 GDP, population, and land use data for assessing flood impacts. For future projections, we used 5 GCMs (Global Climate...

  • Aqueduct Global Flood Risk Country Rankings

    Key Findings Approximately, 21 million people worldwide could be affected by river floods on average each year, and the 15 countries with the most people exposed, including India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand, Democratic...

  • Indicators of Sustainable Agriculture: A Scoping Analysis

    The spreadsheet “Evaluation of Candidate Indicators of Environmental Sustainability of Agriculture” presents the complete list of candidate indicators that were considered in the scoping analysis as well as the results of an assessment that determined the suitability of these candidate indicators...

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