Global Map of Threat of Blast or Poison Fishing

Global locations of blast (dynamite) or poison fishing or both based on observational data and expert opinion (1 km grid). This grid represents a combination of the poison fishing (thr_poison) and blast fishing (thr_blast) grids.

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This dataset was used as base data in Reefs at Risk.

Map of blast and poison fishing (1 km grid) was developed for use in the Reefs at Risk Revisited project as a component of the model of overfishing and destructive fishing pressure on coral reefs. This layer designates threat of blast and poison fishing based on the frequency of the activity. Moderate (or medium) threat indicates areas where destructive fishing occurs occasionally (i.e., a monthly basis), while severe (or high) threat indicates areas where destructive fishing occurs weekly or more frequently. Areas classified as low threat have infrequent or no known blast or poison fishing.

Compiled at the World Resources Institute from various sources including ReefCheck survey data (2009), the Tanzania Dynamite Fishing Monitoring Network (2009), and expert opinion from reef managers and local organizations.


Data set is not for use in litigation. While efforts have been made to ensure that these data are accurate and reliable, WRI cannot assume liability for any damages or misrepresentations caused by any inaccuracies in the data, or as a result of the data used on a particular system. WRI makes no warranty, expressed or implied, nor does the fact of distribution constitute such a warranty.


World Resources Institute. Reefs at Risk Revisited. 2011.

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