• Bleaching observations (1963-2010)

    This dataset was used as base data in Reefs at Risk. Point locations of reported observations of coral bleaching between 1963 and 2010. This dataset was built upon an original bleaching database developed at UNEP-WCMC, and has been maintained and updated regularly by ReefBase since early 2002.

  • Tropical Coral Reefs of the World (500-m resolution grid)

    Global map of shallow, tropical coral reefs, gridded at 500-m resolution for use in the Reefs at Risk Revisited project. The coral reef location data were compiled from multiple sources by UNEP-WCMC, the WorldFish Center, and WRI. To standardize these data for the purposes of the Reefs at Risk...

  • Reefs at Risk Revisited (Social Vulnerability Data)

    This shapefile features the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) for 108 coral reef countries and territories classified according to an index of their reef dependence, adaptive capacity, and social vulnerability. Results are presented as quartiles, with 27 countries/territories classified in each of...

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