• Reefs at Risk Revisited (Social Vulnerability Data)

    This shapefile features the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) for 108 coral reef countries and territories classified according to an index of their reef dependence, adaptive capacity, and social vulnerability. Results are presented as quartiles, with 27 countries/territories classified in each of...

  • Reefs at Risk Revisited: Climate-Related Threats Data

    Global (i.e., climate-related) threats to the world's coral reefs were analyzed. These include: past thermal stress (i.e., warming seas and bleaching over the last decade), future thermal stress (ie., projections of future warming in 2030 and 2050); and ocean acidification (i.e., reduced ocean...

  • Reefs at Risk Revisited (Local Threats Data)

    Threats from coastal development, marine-based pollution and damage, overfishing and destructive fishing, and watershed-based pollution were analyzed separately. These threats were integrated into the Integrated Local Threat index. Past thermal stress was integrated with local threats into the...

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