Datasheet for Technical Note: A Breakdown of Developed Countries’ Public Climate Finance Contributions Towards the $100 Billion Goal

This dataset underpins WRI’s technical note on the breakdown of how much each developed country has contributed in public climate finance between 2013 and 2018 towards the $100 billion climate finance commitment. The dataset includes the individual country breakdowns of climate finance by channel and the calculations behind the assessments of how countries’ efforts compare using a variety of metrics.

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This dataset contains a breakdown of developed countries individual public contributions in public climate finance towards the $100 billion commitment between 2013-2018. This dataset was used in WRI’s technical note ‘A Breakdown of Developed Countries’ Public Climate Finance Contributions Towards the $100 Billion Goal’.

The dataset shows how much public climate finance each country has provided, through which channels (bilateral, climate-specific inflows to multilateral institutions and climate-specific outflows from MDBs attributed back to developed countries), and to which thematic areas (mitigation, adaptation, crosscutting, and other) over the years 2013–18. It also compares country climate finance as a percent of gross national income, per capita, and compared against a variety of climate finance effort-sharing approaches.

The climate finance contributors for this dataset was compiled from four key data sources: UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Biennial Reports by developed countries, the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance Biennial Assessments of 2016 & 2018, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee’s Creditor Reporting System data on multilateral climate finance outflows, and country shareholdings in multilateral development banks. Data on grant shares of countries’ climate finance comes from Oxfam. Data for the analysis of relative climate finance efforts comes from the World Bank and effort sharing approaches developed by Oxfam, Overseas Development Institute, World Resources Institute and ETH Zurich.


When interpreting the data, it is important to bear in mind that approaches vary considerably between countries; whereas higher-reporting contributors may have a more liberal interpretation of what finance flows to include, lower-reporting contributors may have taken a more conservative approach.


Bos, J. and J. Thwaites. 2022. “Dataset for Technical Note: A Breakdown of Developed Countries’ Climate Finance Contributions Towards the $100 Billion Goal.” Technical Note. Washington, DC: World Resources Institute. Available online at:

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